2099 MLK Way

New Construction in Berkeley, CA

The Project

The 71-foot tall structure yields 62.420 square feet, with 51,450 square feet dedicated to residential use, 5,990 square feet for the 12-car garage, and 2,450 square feet for ground-level retail. Parking will also be included for 38 bicycles. Unit sizes will vary with six studios, 36 one-bedroom units, and 30 two-bedroom units. Residents will also have access to the 1,620 square foot courtyard and 4,330 square foot roof deck.


Act ID Description Orig Dur Early Start
10M20 Demolition-Excavation-Fine Grade 30* JUN 22
10M60 Mat Slab to 3rd Level Podium 91* JULY 22
10M90 Rough Framing/Rough MEP 96* DEC 22
20M20 Insulation/Drywall 113* MAY 23
20M30 Scaffold Up/Scaffold Down - Exterior Finishes 132* MAR 23
20M40 Interior Finishes/Finish MEP&FS 115* JULY 23